Crescent Cattle Company owns and operates large-scale beef production and processing enterprises that provide a secure and substantial supply of meat for the growing middle class in Islamic countries.

Crescent's focus is Halal beef production from and for Islamic countries. Halal is the Arabic word for "approved." Globally, demand for Halal food is $630 billion. For Halal beef alone, demand is $150 billion. With 800 million people in the Islamic world growing at a faster rate than China or India, demand for Halal beef will increase driven by an expanding middle class, increasing demand for protein, and greater awareness of nutrition.

However, most Halal beef originates from North America, South America, Europe, and Australia. Islamic countries simply do not produce beef, due to scarcity of animals, animal genetic weakness, poor soil and water, and lagging animal husbandry skills. Islamic governments, institutions, and established families, particularly in the Gulf Cooperating Council (GCC) countries have made securing the supply of food – especially protein – a top priority. As a result, "Food Security" is now a national security issue in the region to ensure political stability and economic progress.